Frequently Asked Questions

What are your average production lead-times?

Our average lead-times for sampling are 7-10 working days and for production 21-28 working days. Please check our products for specific lead-times.

What is your Minimum Order Quantity?

The Minimum Order Quantity for all our products is 3,000 pcs.

Is it possible to receive samples before proceeding with the order?

Of course! First, we’ll give you a quotation and once you have approved the price we’ll proceed to sampling. Only after you have approved our samples we’ll start production.

Do you have certifications for your products?

Yes, our products and processes consistently meet high quality standards. Please view all our certifications on our About page.

Do you offer eco-friendly packaging?

We care for our environment and offer a variety of eco-friendly printing methods and paper such as Soy Ink and Recycled Paper. See our products for more details.

How do you handle reclamation and warranty issues?

All our products undergo strict and extensive quality controls before being shipped to our customers. However, should there be any quality issue that has been created by us, we will take full responsibility to solve the problem.

Do you have an export / import licence?

Yes, we have both export and import licenses.

Where is your factory and logistics center located?

Our factory and logistics center is located in Shenzhen, China. Please view our Contact page for more details.

Do you ship EXW or FOB?

We can ship either from Hong Kong port or Shenzhen port.

Where are your clients mainly based?

We successfully serve customers in the United States, United Kingdom and Europe. Our clients are from a wide range of industries including Apparel & Fashion, Food & Beverage and Cosmetics.

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