Elements RFID Solutions

RFID technology

RFID = Radio Frequency Identification
In everyday life, people use RFID technology on asset management,
logistics, inventories and warehouses, access control, retailers for reduce
shrinkage and check items availability, identification of animals, tracing
surgical tools and patients etc. With all of this in mind, Elements launched
our RFID solution to our customers.

Elements RFID inlay service


v    Design your own inlay

v    Lots of bonding and conversation machines to ensure inlay suppy

v    100% automatic checking the inlay

Elements RFID Service Bureau platform


v    Robust order entry platform with EPC management

v    Real time layout preview

v    Online ordering with full transparent order status

Production efficiency


v     Lots of equipment for cutting, printing and Encoding

v     Daily output over million pcs

v     Fast turnaround time to fulfill customer’s needs

End to End Validation


v     100% Inline Testing and Checking

v     No dead, unreadable tags or duplication

v     Ensuring only 100% compliant product is delivered to the customer

Variety of RFID consumable products fit for different products


v     Over 20+ RFID inlay developed

v     RFID sticker

v     RFID hangtag

v     RFID labels

v     RFID hard tag

v     Tag or sticker for Special Application

“Integrating our Elements RFID solutions into your business operations”